Chocolate and Banana Overnight Oats

Posted: Jun 13 2014

Overnight oats seem to have come from nowhere this year, and they are definitely one of the latest crazes in health foods. Made from, you guessed it, oats this recipe provides a quick and interesting alternative to having cereal for breakfast, and can even be eaten as a snack to boost your energy throughout the day.


Chocolate and banana overnight oats

There are many different variations of this recipe which means that you can tailor it to your own taste. This recipe is for chocolate and banana overnight oats.

You will need:

·         Porridge Oats

·         100% Cocoa Powder

·         Banana

·         Milk – Soya milk can be used as an alternative


1.   Use a small glass or tumbler – half fill with oats and pour these oats into a bowl

2.   Add half a tablespoon of cocoa powder to the bowl

3.   Mash the banana roughly with a fork and add to the bowl

4.   Pour milk into your tumbler until it fills around 2/3rds of the glass

5.   Add this to the bowl and mix the ingredients together – leave overnight in the fridge

6.   Take out half or less for breakfast or a snack the next day and eat warm or cold





Oats – contain Thiamin and Riboflavin which both help to release energy from food to keep you going for longer

Banana – good for sustaining your blood sugar after intensive sports and workouts  

Milk - high in calcium and protein which is needed to rebuild muscles

Cocoa Powder – Known to have antidepressant tendencies and taste good!



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