Superfood Sensations

Posted: Jun 26 2014

Quinoa, pronounced keen-wah contains all eight essential amino acids. This makes quinoa a complete protein.

If protein shakes aren't for you, then adding a bit of quinoa into your diet is a great natural way of getting all of the protein that you need after exercise.


How to eat it

All packets of quinoa should have cooking instructions, but essentailly it is very similar to rice. 

For a quick and easy dish, prepare the qunioa before you exercise by boiling it in water for around 15 minutes until the grain loses colour. Add this to a salad and be imaginative with your other ingredients. Chicken, spinach, kurly kale, sweetcorn, apple, celery, pomegranate seeds - these can all be added to make a salad sensation.

Quinoa salad with tomato, avocado and chickpeas

You can also use this protein-rich grain in smoothies. See our green smoothie recipe for inspiration. 

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