Trend Alert: In the Navy

Posted: Jul 08 2014

Ok, so navy suits aren't exactly a new trend but 3-piece tailored navy suits are a must have item for the modern gentleman. 

Good suits last a long time if you look after them properly. Great suits last years and never go out of fashion.

Woburn Navy Blazer

This suit from our James Anderson Collection features the Woburn Navy Blazer, Wentworth Navy Trousers and the Bowness Waistcoat, tailor made to form this striking 3 piece suit. 

Made from 100% British Wool the athletic slim fit Woburn Blazer has contrasting waffle material collar, cuffs and pocket flaps, giving the classic blazer a modern twist. The pull out pocket square comes in a complimenting cream colour and gives that extra flourish of detail.

Bowness Navy Blazer

The athletic slim fit Bowness waistcoat is made from 100% cashmere wool in a waffle texture, which matches the waffle detailing on the Woburn blazer perfectly. Away from formal do's, this waistcoat can be worn with dark denim jeans and is sure to transform any outfit. The polka dot pocket square forms a brilliant contrast with the navy fabric and attracts the eye.

 Wentworth Navy Trousers

For men who most certainly wear the trousers these are a great pick! Made from 100% wool, the athletic fit Wentworth Navy Trousers are tailor made to fit the athletic man. The hand-stitched buttons and inside silk piping are just a couple of the extra details found within these trousers. They are smart, stylish and classic.

Wear with a fresh white shirt and prepare to be noticed. 

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