Trend Alert: Waistcoats

Posted: Jul 28 2014

One of our favourite trends this summer is the open collar shirt and waistcoat combo. This contemporary look will also help to keep you cool, as waistcoats are a brilliantly smart alternative to suit jackets. We have lots for you to choose from.

 Ring Brown Check Waistcoat 

The athletic fit Ring Brown check waistcoat above is made from 100% British wool and features an optional burgundy pocket square. For a smart look that will keep you cool, ditch the tie and wear with a white or light blue shirt with your collar open. Alternatively, keep the tie, undo your top button and roll up your sleeves - the rugged smart/casual look is most certainly a winner this summer.

Bruce Brown Waistcoat

The athletic fit Bruce Brown waistcoat is also made from 100% British wool. This waistcoat looks good with smart trousers or jeans, meaning that you can dress it up or down at a moments notice. Jazz this up with a striped shirt and of course, ties are optional.

It just would not be right if we didn't give you a super modern option would it? The Bowness Navy Waistcoat from the James Anderson Collection is made from 100% Cashmere wool and comes with a waffle texture. The optional silk cherry pocket square adds a pop of colour which instantly brightens up any outfit. Wear this over a polo shirt for casual Fridays and over a white shirt for the office. 

Jake Waistcoat made from British wool

For a versatile look that will go with any colour choose the slim fit Luke waistcoat. The British wool textured fabric, hand-stitched buttons and piping detail gives this waistcoat all of the detail that it needs to look stylishly smart and simple. Wear with an open collar shirt and you most adventurous tie for a suave look that catches the eye.

A further trend this summer is the mismatching waistcoat which gives you yet another brilliant excuse to treat yourself. Wearing a contrasting waistcoat with a suit gives an ultra modern twist on the classic gentleman's style. Take a look at the Ring Brown Waistcoat beneath the Raven Navy Blazer and team with the Herdwick Trousers, as shown below. 

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