Trend Alert: Go tie-less

Posted: Aug 15 2014

Wearing ties is one of those things, they look very smart but they can leave you feeling hot beneath the collar. Well good news, the latest trend is to wear formal shirts without a tie. 

Take the Coleman Gingham shirt for example.

Coleman Gingham Shirt

Made from 100% Italian cotton and in pale pink hues, this shirt features a rounded collar which looks good with or without a tie. The check pattern and contrasting buttons on the collar and cuffs mean that this shirt carries enough detail on it's own, there is no need for a tie. 

Italian cotton Vere blue checked shirt

Similarly, the Vere blue checked shirt above oozes detail that shouldn't be hidden by a tie. Made in athletic fit, this Italian cotton shirt has a hand-stitched contrast black button at the collar and white fabric detailing around the cuffs, side seams and inside the collar. The light blue and fresh white keep this shirt looking incredibly crisp. It really is a must-have for summer. 

If you prefer darker shades that can also be worn as we head into Autumn then choose the Atkinson Indigo shirt from the James Anderson Collection.

Atkinson indigo shirt from the James Anderson Collection

The first piece of detail that you can see on this shirt is the contrast fabric running down the centre beneath the hand-stitched buttons. This effectively replaces the need for a tie. This shirt is effortlessly smart, and can be dressed up or down by teaming it with smart trousers or jeans for more formal occasions. Made from 100% weaved Italian cotton the first thing that you feel with this shirt is the incredible quality.

Classic Sidney white shirt with light blue detail

The classic white Sidney shirt above is a shirt staple. In an athletic fit, this shirt is made from Italian cotton for the finest finish and subtle light blue fabric detail keeps this shirt looking fresh. For an ultra modern look, why not roll up the sleeves, leave the top button undone and wear with a waistcoat

These are just a selection of our quality athletic fit shirts, to see the full range visit our website

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