The well groomed man

Posted: Aug 20 2014

Being well groomed doesn't just apply to you how neat your facial hair is, it most definitely also applies to your wardrobe. We know how important it is to stay looking fresh, especially between training sessions and this is why we have gathered some of our most crisp looking pieces for you. 

We'll begin with the freshest looking jacket you'll ever see, the Rydal Graphite Blazer

Rydal Graphite blazer from the James Anderson collection


The Rydal blazer comes in a stunning graphite colour British cotton which contrasts perfectly with the fresh light blue cotton stitching around the edges and at the buttons. The light blue stitching can also be found at the three buttons at the cuffs, and this colour runs as a theme from the optional silk pocket square to the silk lining inside the jacket. Due to the mix of dark grey and light blue hues, this blazer can be worn whether rain or shine, and you will look effortlessly refreshed all day long. 

To see the lining and additional detail on the Rydal Blazer, visit our Inside Out blog post. 

When it comes to shirts, white always looks fresh. You can however mix it up with lightly patterned shirts with light blue detail, like our Jay Light Check Shirt below. 

Jay Light Check Shirt

Made from Italian cotton, this shirt features a subtle light blue check design on top of crisp white cotton. With a classic medium collar, hand-stitched buttons and silk piping on the inside of the collar and cuffs, this shirt oozes dignity, masculinity and refreshing sophistication. For our full range of shirts, visit our website

Sandy Lane polo shirt from the James Anderson Collection

The athletic slim fit Sandy Lane polo shirt from the James Anderson Collection is made from crisp white Italian cotton. The striking cherry polka dot collar and bone pocket contrast with the white fabric well, emphasising the fresh look of the shirt. Concealed buttons hold the collar in place to maintain a firm, freshly pressed looking collar that will not wilt. When you are feeling invigorated, you don't want your clothes to let you down. Click here for the full range of polo shirts

So now that you have had a taste, why not shop our full collection and refresh your wardrobe. Don't forget to keep an eye out for our brand new Autumn/Winter collections as well, we have even treated you to a sneaky peak at some of the pieces, have a look here


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