Maintain a nutritional and varied diet

Posted: Aug 25 2014

Due to a recent documentary on the health benefits and risks of certain foods, specifically red meat, we thought we may be able to shed some light on this issue from an athlete's point of view. We are certainly not experts in the health food field, but we believe it is important for athletes to have a balanced diet and to get the best nutrients out of the food that they eat. 

Eating a little of everything should not harm your health. Whilst we certainly promote lean meats like turkey and chicken, red meats do have health benefits for athletes.

Red meat can have health benefits for athletes

Red meat, such as beef, pork and lamb specifically contain amino acids that are needed for the body to create the dipeptide Carnitine, which has shown to assist the burning of fat to release energy. It is easy to see why athletes would benefit from this fat-burning, energy-creating food. Carnitine naturally occurs in red meat and are also suggested to assist in coping with physical and mental stresses. 

Therefore we believe that you should not cut food groups out of your diet completely, but cutting down on the amount that you have could be beneficial to your body in the long run. Experts have suggested no more than 30g of red meat a day. By mixing your diet up and eating fish and chicken however, it is easy to reduce the amount of red meat that you have on a weekly basis.

Vary your diet with fish and white meats

Chicken can contribute to a nutritional, varied diet

Vary your diet and reap the benefits! 


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