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Posted: Aug 26 2014

Clothing does not make the man, but it can make the man look great. Bearing this in mind, there is always room to invest in a few new pieces. We know that buying new clothes can rarely be a weekly activity, whether it is due to a lack of time or funds, this is why we believe that investing in classic pieces is better.  

Although we are technically still in 'summer' we can no longer avoid the fact that Autumn is fast approaching. One key trend for this Autumn is the classic check design which, luckily for you, runs as a theme through many of our pieces. 

Eaton Quilted Grey Blazer with elbow patches

The athletic fit Eaton quilted grey blazer has a large check design that is timeless. This blazer is made from 100% super fine British wool, with navy thread buttons and elbow patches for a traditional finish. Fully lined, with the finest quality silk piping and hand-stitched buttons add to the incredibly sophisticated finish of this blazer. For the office, wear with smart grey, navy or black trousers and reveal the optional pocket square for a classically smart appearance. On your days off, wear with a casual white shirt, open at the collar, jeans and navy boat shoes. 

Lewis Check Blazer from the James Anderson Collection

As a complete contrast to the first, this Lewis Check Blazer from the James Anderson Collection has a dense check pattern that most certainly makes a statement. This suit is sharp, sophisticated and will be the best suit you've ever owned. Made from 100% Italian wool, the blazer comes in athletic slim fit but of course, can also be made to measure. As well as two lower pockets and one upper pocket with optional cream silk pocket square, the blazer also contains three inside pockets with one specifically designed to hold your mobile phone. Wear with the Lords Waistcoat and Hawthorn Check trousers for a full three-piece statement suit, or team with dark navy trousers or dark denim jeans for a more casual look. 

We have shown you the extremes here but we have several variations on the classic check design. Shop our full range of blazers here. 

Waistcoats are most definitely the in thing this year. The key way to wear them is with smart chinos, a white shirt with an open collar, rolled up sleeves and a loose tie. The British wool Ring Brown waistcoat is ideal for this look, with the subtle check detailing and contrasting burgundy pocket square. Wear this as suggested for a casual look, or with a navy blazer and matching navy trousers for a full three piece contrasting suit. 

Coleman Gingham Shirt

When you think of checked shirts the first image that comes to mind is a bland ill-fitted shirt that your dad used to wear for work. As Keith demonstrates perfectly above, checked shirts needn't be either. The athletic fit Coleman Gingham Shirt comes in light purple hues with a light blue rounded collar and cuffs. The light weight, breathable Italian fabric means that this shirt is ideal for summer and looks extremely dapper beneath a knitted jumper in winter. The colour-contrast top button means that there is no need for a tie with this shirt, but the ultra modern gent can dress this up with a snazzy bow tie or smart blazer

Goswell Light Blue shirt

At the other end of the check spectrum is the Goswell Light Blue Shirt. The stylishly subtle white and blue check pattern here makes this shirt look super fresh, whilst the breathable cotton fabric will ensure that you stay feeling refreshed all day. To dress down, simply wear with an open collar and team with jeans as shown here and to dress up, wear with a grey or navy blazer, navy trousers and smart monk shoes. 

Whilst we have given you a lot to ponder over here, we also have many more checked items for you to see. To explore our full range of checked clothing, visit our website

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