The top 5 for Autumn: Shirts

Posted: Sep 01 2014

September has arrived so now you have the perfect excuse to get your Autumn wardrobe updated. We have chosen 5 items that are not only bang on trend, but absolute necessities for Autumn 2014. We will present one item a day and we will start with an absolute staple, the shirt. 

1. The long sleeved shirt 

Long sleeve shirts can be worn all year round, however we have chosen two shirts in particular which make the transition from summer to autumn fashion effortless. 

The first is the Atkinson Indigo shirt from the James Anderson Collection.

Atkinson Indigo shirt

In a broody shade of indigo, this weaved cotton shirt is ideal for when the nights are drawing in. The contrast fabric at the buttons means that you have enough detail to get away with leaving your tie at home. Alternatively, for a smart look wear with a dark purple, or black tie and have the contrast fabric on the cuffs peaking out from beneath your tailored blazer. This really is a dapper shirt that needs pride of place in any man's wardrobe. 

The athletic fit Landmark shirt, in dark olive green fabric is ideal for Autumn.

This luxurious cotton fabric looks perfect beneath a black blazer or a jumper for a more smart-casual look. The contrasting black hand-stitched buttons look incredibly smart and add an even more sophisticated appearance to the shirt, whilst the medium height collar and cuffs keep the shirt looking classic and timeless. 

If you want to cling on to the summer for just a little longer then try the Adelaide light blue shirt. The stunning light blue weaved cotton is very reminiscent of the blue skies of summer, whilst the contrasting navy cuffs, buttons and collar give a nod to the new season. This shirt is designed in athletic slim fit and is sure to emphasise the athletic physique that you've been working on all summer. A great pick! 

Shop our full range of shirts now and find your own favourite. 

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