The top 5 for Autumn: Knitwear

Posted: Sep 03 2014

At this mid-week milestone, we thought that we'd treat you to our third must-have item for this Autumn, just so you can be prepared. Today's post is all about knitwear.

Although it's too early to pack away your summer wardrobe as we keep high hopes of another September heatwave, it is never too early to prep your wardrobe for the cooler seasons. 

Kew Brown Cashmere cardigan

The slim fit Kew brown cashmere cardigan is very traditional, and as we know, traditional is a huge contemporary trend in menswear at the moment. This cardigan comes with a V neck, with ribbed fabric running along the neck, waist and cuffs. The classic slim fit of this cardigan means that it sits very closely to the body to accentuate your athletic physique, luckily the fine cashmere fabric means that this cardigan feels incredible against your skin. Wear this over a shirt, as you can see above, or over a plain t-shirt for a less formal appearance. 

Scott thick knit cardigan

The standard fit thick knit Scott cardigan is another staple piece that will come in handy towards the cold winter months. This striking cardigan is made from 100% merino wool and comes in black, brown and blue. The hand-stitched football buttons and ribbed fabric at the waist and cuffs display the attention to detail with this knitwear. The front pockets also add an element of class, tradition and formality to the cardigan. 

For a truly unique jumper, it's got to be the Bressie Navy top below.

Bressie Navy top

The Bressie navy top is made from 100% Lycra cotton and comes in an athletic fit. The asymmetrical neck line and button detailing on the side creates a unique design that will certainly catch the attention of people around you. The microfibre quilted material on the sleeve adds unrivalled detail and also gives this jumper a formal appearance. Take a closer look. 

Bressie Navy Top

Pair this top with chinos and boat shoes for a casual Saturday out, or with smart navy trousers and monk shoes for smart casual dinner dates.

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