Control your cravings from the start

Posted: Sep 12 2014

As we head into winter the lure of comfort food is sometimes too much to bear. With these handy eating habits you are much more likely to steer away from the snacks and keep your athletic nutrition on top form. What is more, you can control your hunger pains at the start of your day by knowing all of the right things to eat at breakfast. 
How do you like your eggs in the morning? Well it doesn't really matter as long as you have them. The vitamin B12 in eggs helps your body metabolise fat. meaning that even if you have them scrambled on toast, your body is more likely to burn the calories from the bread than if you just had toast. Eggs are a great food to have for breakfast, don't forget to vary your diet though, especially if you have high cholesterol. 
Scrambled eggs
If eggs aren't your thing then unsweetened porridge might be. Oats are incredibly rich in fibre and a bowl of porridge can stay in your stomach for a while, meaning that you will feel full for longer. If you like to sweeten your porridge with sugar, try adding a handful of chopped up strawberries. The natural sugar in the fruit will work just as well.
Porridge oats sweetened by fruit
If like us you a partial to the occasional snack throughout your day at the office or in-between training sessions, then this tip is for you. Try swapping the biscuits and cakes for a few nuts, not very exciting, we know. Nuts such as almonds and cashews are full of 'good' fats, meaning that they make you feel full so that you aren't tempted for foods with bad fats. Don't exceed 20 nuts a day however, as you can quickly double up your calories without noticing. 
Cashew nuts
If you like a bit of fat then always try and go for the good stuff. An easy way to do this is to go for food with mono-unsaturated fats, such as olive oil. Cooking in olive oil can actually be beneficial, as they help to control your cravings and your cholesterol whilst the fats keep you feeling full. It also makes your food taste great. 
Olive Oil
Lastly, if you are a biscuit fiend like the best of us, why not try your hand and whipping your own up at the weekends. Protein biscuits are the way forward as adding a measure of protein powder to healthy banana and oat cookies mean you not only get a treat after training, but a source of protein as well. Give it a go.
Oat based biscuits
It's Friday so why not get cracking with some of these tips over the weekend. Scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast on Saturday, porridge on Sunday to keep you going and snack on nuts when you're training. Save your freshly baked protein cookies for after your workout and enjoy. 

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