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Posted: Sep 15 2014

September has come around again, and whether your are returning to university, or starting this year it is a great opportunity to reinvent yourself. As you know, university is the best place to express yourself and create the identity that you want to show to the world. One of the easiest ways to do this is by making small changes to your wardrobe that reflect the mature and modern gentleman that you have become. We've split this up into two sections, day-wear and day/night-wear, highlighting how each item can be worn from day to night, so that you can spend your student loan on other aspects of university, like module textbooks. 

For the day

Swap the t-shirts of teenage years to polo shirts of the modern gentleman. As with every item of clothing, the fit is absolutely essential and luckily for you, all of our polo shirts are made to fit the athletic physique perfectly. If you are not athletically built, then we can make your polo shirt to your exact measurements, meaning that not only will you have a beautifully detailed top, but it will be unique to you and keep you looking dapper throughout the semester. 

Dean Light blue polo shirt with navy collar

Take the Dean light blue polo shirt as an example. Made from 100% Lycra cotton, this polo shirt clings to your torso in all of the right places; around the biceps, chest and around your waist to accentuate the V shaped torso of athletes. The detail on the collar, with the contrasting blue fabric and polka dot detail really shows the high quality of this polo. To create a more formal look, pull out the white silk pocket square and wear with smart navy chinos

If you are still in the t-shirt wearing stages of your life then make sure the fit and style is perfect. We have a wide range of round neck, v neck and contrast fabric detailing on our tees, so you can choose the perfect design for you. 

Pendle white t-shirt from the James Anderson Collection

The Pendle white t-shirt from the James Anderson Collection is a standard athletic slim fit round-neck tee with a pop of striking cherry polka dot fabric at the patch pocket. Made from Italian cotton and elastane, this t-shirt has the ideal amount of stretch, meaning that once again it will fit your shape perfectly. We have recently made bespoke t-shirts for a London Welsh rugby player, who loved the design but wanted it in his own choice of colours. We promote the idea of personalising your clothes, and we can easily do this for you too. 


There is so much cross-over with our clothing, because each piece can be dressed up or down easily. The Newlands blue chinos from the James Anderson Collection are a great example of this. 

Newlands Blue chinos from the James Anderson Colelction

For a night out, these slim fit chinos look incredibly smart with the ankle turn up rolled down and with a smart pair of monk shoes. In contrast, keep the turn ups how they are here, and wear with a polo or tee in the day for a smart casual look that is ideal for lectures in the morning and an afternoon in a bar, or the library of course, with your mates. As these trousers are made from 100% fine British cotton, you can rest assured that they will keep their shape and fine texture after every wash. 

A staple item which every man should take to university is a decent shirt, whether for interviews, mock-interviews, presentations or to get into clubs with a strict dress code. For any of these situations, you want to make sure that you create a great impression, and this can be achieved easily with our athletic slim fit shirts. Have a look at our full range to really take in the different colours, designs and patterns, we know that you'll find your favourite. 

The Neville light blue shirt

One of our favourites is the 100% Italian cotton, athletic fit Neville light blue shirt. With the contrasting navy fabric at the collar and cuffs, and the pop of yellow beneath the collar, this shirt really creates an impression from the get go. The design oozes confidence and creativity whilst remaining perfectly smart and sophisticated. Wear with chinos or navy suit trousers for the ideal gentlemanly appearance. 

If blazers seem a little too grown up at this stage in your life then the waistcoat and casual shirt trend may be much more up your street. Have a look at our Trend Alert: Waistcoats blog to see just how to pull of this sexy rugged look. 

So, whatever your style, and however you want to present yourself to your new friends, potential colleagues and employers, always make sure the fit is perfect. Feel at your best and don't settle for ill-fitting clothes. 

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