The Perfect Mens Summer Slim Fit Linen Blazer

Posted: Apr 22 2013

As the gloom finally lifts and the temperatures start to rise, we're often asked what makes the perfect mens slim fit summer blazer - and after months of dark blazers, it's no wonder men lost their way when it comes to what blazers to wear. 

The key for us is to find a slim fit blazer which lightens the tone, looks the part in the office or by the river and, more often than not, is made from a high quality linen - classic menswear for the summer. 

Here's we're using our Orpington blazer, a classic slim fit brown linen blazer, to demonstrate what we mean. 

Brown slim fit mens blazer

A lot of men don't appreciate just how good a blazer can look in the office - too floaty, too creased. Not true! When dressed up with a matching tie, crisp white slim fit shirt and classic chinos or fitted trousers, a linen blazer looks the part and works perfectly.

Mens brown slim fit blazer

But remember - the key in finding a blazer that won't let you down is in picking one which is properly made. There is no point in finding a cheap linen blazer and crossing your fingers. Mens linen blazers of real quality are properly made. They take the finest fabrics, combine them with the finest silks and detail them properly - no cutting corners. 

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