Andy Wiseman, Fitness Model, Style Guide

Posted: Apr 25 2013

Hi, I'm Andy Wiseman, 36 years young and a Competitive Fitness Model and Sponsored Athlete.
Like all well dressed men, I love my clothes and enjoy staying physically at my peak. I hope to bring plenty of information on achieveing your fitness goals, and looking good out of the gym at the same time; whether it's a simple t-shirt or tailored blazer and trousers, when can you afford not to?
Andy Wiseman, fitness model

My original background was football, both playing, coaching and scouting I spent time with Watford, Wycombe, Stevenage, Gillingham, West Ham, Chelsea and Shamrock Rovers.

I got into fitness after a bad leg break in October 2011, my original goal was to enter a Men's Health Cover Model competition to give me something to focus on during my rehab. I didnt quite make that, but ended up being a Swimwear model for MTV. After a shoot, I was asked if I'd consider competing, I did my first comp in Sept 2012. In Oct 2012 I placed 5th in a European Competition in Paris, and recently competed in Denmark.  

Andy Wiseman, fitness model 

My rule is simple - If your going to work hard in the gym, you have to look your best out of it!

Dress well,


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