Clothes Maketh the Man

Posted: May 02 2013

Summer is nearly here! As a Competitive Fitness Model, that mean's two things; Competing season has begun and what clothes to wear!

Last month I competed in the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion Inc, WBFF for short, Danish Championships, in Copenhagen. The WBFF is one of the most prestigious organisations to compete in, the World finals are held in Vegas in August, and the WBFF comes to London in November, which I am sure will be one of the biggest show's ever seen.
I love clothes, and love the feeling of looking good. Its important; clothes maketh the man and I'm not sure there are too many of the opposite sex that can claim they don't ever take note of what a man is wearing. I'm pretty sure that a well dressed man, catches the eye of the opposite sex far more than the baggy jeans and oversized shirt man, just look at David Beckham - Say no more!
I have a dilemma though as an athlete - how do I find good quality clothes to fit my ever changing shape? Most athletic men will have broad shoulders, and a narrow waist. Its the way we are, its specific to our sport(s). Fitting into decent, well made clothes is a different ball game altogether, if you'll excuse the slight pun!
Thats why I love all Chess London's menswear and particularly the blazers and shirts. The finest quality menswear, slightly broader at the shoulder, fitted waist and good quality materials - essentially, it's slim fit, cut for athletic men and that's something which is rarely found in men's clothing brands, (i've gone through 3 pairs of chinos since Christmas!). 
In the competition, looking good is important. Your evening wear choice can be the difference of picking up some extra points, or looking like you have just come back from a christening and dropping a few points. Look good, feel good - the judges want the complete package and Chess London's menswear will give me that edge. The Leyton Blazer is an example, Formal enough to wear with trousers or chinos, but casual enough to wear with jeans and brogues. 
Leyton Blazer

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