The Importance of Wearing Well Fitting Clothes

Posted: Apr 29 2013

We work hard in the gym. We want to show off our hard work. There is a difference though between going out looking like Popeye, and wearing good clothes to subtly show the hard work. Chess London's Southgate T-shirt under the tailored Orpington Blazer is perfect for the summer nights. Its not too overbearing, and the cut will show exactly why you train hard - if you've got it flaunt it! 
Southgate t-shirt
The Chess London Heston T-shirt's V-Neck will accentuate your chest work, the subtle V neck will give your chest that extra definition, the mens tailored Sipson Blazer will give you the look of width with its slightly broader shoulders, and fitted waist. After all, if you work hard in the gym, isn't the broad shoulder, big chest, narrow waist look the one you're after?

If you really want to show off your work in the gym, then take the time to get good well fitted, athletic cut clothes that are going to enhance your look, rather than inhibit it. Its what Chess London specialise in. Slim fit clothes tailored for Athletic men. Every piece of Chess London's clothing is tailored with Athletes in mind.

I've been there, seen it and ripped many items of clothes because they were poorly fitted and didn't suit my athletic frame, don't make that mistake. Look for quality materials, and well cut clothes and you will be amazed what a difference it makes to your style. 
And if you are competing - then Chess London's slim fit menswear cut for athletic men, is most definitely for you!
Have a great week, train hard, play harder,

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