Metabolic Resistance Training

Posted: Sep 28 2013

Andy WisemanSome of the common goals of gym goers is fat loss, getting into shape, becoming fitter, healthier, getting active. The list goes on. And some of the most common excuses is lack of time, too busy, can't fit it in, blah blah blah...
In my last blog, we went through a little Chess Challenge, with a Chest and Ab blast, which shouldn't eat into your time, and still get you good results.
For this blog, its all about ramping up you metabolism. Along with diet, getting your metabolism higher, both in and out of the gym, will determine your fat loss success. Your metabolic rate, is the most important aspect in fat loss. If you eat poor food, and stay sedentary, it will slow down, and the weight will pile up; think Gary Barlow 1999 compared to today's X-Factor version.
So how are we going to create a hormonal and metabolic response in a short period of time? Is it even possible? Surely not in say 30 minutes, twice a week??? Actually, that's exactly what we're going to say, using Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT); keeping the intensity high, and torching fat for fun.
I love using MRT, to keep the leanness and keep me enjoying the athletic cut of my Chess London menswear. Its no secret I love clothes, and I've got my eye Orpington Blazer and Bynard shirt, perfect for those winter nights out!
We don't need a huge amount of space or big equipment, we just need to work hard with what we've got. Ok, so here's the format. There are two circuits below, All you need is a bench, two moderate dumbbells, a timer and a medicine ball (but you can use your dumbbell instead).
Complete each exercise for 45 seconds, before moving onto the next one. After Set 1, take 45 seconds rest, and progress to Set 2.

Set 1

Bodyweight squats

Dumbbell chest press (flat bench)

Medicine Ball lunge with twist

Bent over Dumbbell Row
Rest for 45 seconds

Set 2

Dumbbell squat to press

Medicine Ball Russian Twists

Press Ups
Mountain Climbers
That's one Circuit, take a break for one minute, and repeat twice (3 circuits).
I'm sure you will find this challenging, but if its doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you!
Don't be afraid to experiment, if you feel you want to change any of the exercises. Certainly give this MRT Circuit a go first, and see how you get on. Its fun, and certainly better that 30 mins on a treadmill!!!
Andy Wiseman
Reflex Nutrition Ambassador
Metabolic Resistance Training

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