Attention to detail

Posted: Jun 23 2014

Finding the ideal amount of detail can be difficult, especially when you are given frustratingly vague details of the dress code to parties, special occasions or meals out.

A safe option in these situations is to go with a subtle hint of eye-catching detail. Take a look at our 100% cotton Morris Polo for example. This slim fit shirt combines the classic polo shirt style with touches of subtle tartan detail. As with all of our polo shirts, the hidden pocket square can also be revealed for that extra bit of detailing. 

Morris Navy Polo

For the bolder gent who is not afraid to go the whole hog, try our Beaumont shirt which oozes detail.

Beaumont White shirt

The navy woven dog print not only looks smart, but is sure to ignite any long lost love for patterned shirts. The contrasting cuff and collar detail is sure to catch people's attention for all the right reasons, give it a whirl. 

It is no secret that men's shorts and trousers can be ever so boring. We are well aware of this and that is why each pair of our bottoms have subtle detailing to really show off their quality. 

Locranan Blue shorts

Take the side view of the Locranan Blue shorts from our James Anderson Collection as an example. The light blue fabric used for the pockets sits beautifully alongside the contrast piping and brown button detail, these are anything but boring. 

Hawthorn Check Trouser

Similarly, there is absolutely no rule that suits or suit trousers should be dull and lifeless. The Hawthorn Check Trousers shown above are sensibly navy in colour, but the check pattern adds a kick of interesting detail. These trousers are made from 100% Italian wool and, teamed with the Lewis Check Blazer and a crisp white shirt, help to create an effortlessly dapper formal look. 

Wearing eye-catching clothes is easy, it's all in the detail.

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