The Short Version

Posted: Jul 07 2014

Athletes are known for having good legs. It is only fair that you occasionally show them off, but make sure to do them justice in a pair of well-fitting shorts.

Length is very important when it comes to shorts. Ideally aim for just above the knee as this length is extremely flattering for all leg types.

Silverdale Check Shorts 

The athletic slim fit Silverdale Check shorts end just above the knee. The slim fit shape is sure to fit perfectly at the waist and show just the right amount of leg muscle.

Hanwell Light Blue Shorts

If you prefer slightly shorter shorts then these are for you. The Hanwell Light Blue shorts are made from 100% Cotton and are sure to keep you cool. The shorter length will accentuate your hard-worked-for thigh muscles whilst the light blue colour will show off your tan.

Locranan Blue Shorts

Similarly to the Silverdale Check shorts, the Locranan Blue shorts end just above the knee in order to showcase your toned calves. The classic dark navy colour and athletic slim fit design makes these shorts a staple piece for the modern gent.

There, short and sweet.  

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