Off the Cuff

Posted: Jul 10 2014

Having an eye for detail is extremely important when it comes to quality clothing for the modern man.

Each shirt in our range comes with classic cuffs, with added detail that is unique to Chess London. Although often overlooked, cuffs are one of the most prominent features of a shirt. They are often visible peeking out of your suit jacket sleeves and as you shake hands with those around you. A good first impression is always key. 

Take our Beaumont shirt for example. 

Beaumont White Shirt with contrasting collar and cuffs

Here you can see the classic contrast cuff with white button detail. Of course, it is the extra detail that you can't see here that makes our cuffs so special. A concealed black button sits parallel to the white, meaning that you can choose to reveal it or keep it concealed for a more simple look. 

For a more eye catching look, try our Neville Light Blue Shirt.

Neville Light Blue shirt

Neville light Blue Cotton Shirt  

The Neville shirt above has contrasting yellow fabric beneath the collar which matches the contrasting yellow button on the cuff. This added detail draws the eye and emphasises the uniqueness of the shirt. It is detail like this that reveals the quality of our clothing; every stitch oozes distinction. 

The cuffs on our shirts are a feature, just as they should be. 

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