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Posted: Jul 24 2014

Athletes often tell us how difficult it can be to find clothing that fits their body shape perfectly. This is why all of our clothing is made specifically for the athletic shape.

Our T-Shirts for example are made from 90% Cotton and 10% Elastane. The slight stretch in the material is ideal for athletes who can gain and lose weight week by week with training. The cut of this fabric is specifically designed to fit perfectly on broad shoulders and slim waists. This can be seen with the Pendle White T-Shirt from the James Anderson Collection below. 

Pendle White T-Shirt from the James Anderson Collection

It is not only the cut that make our clothes so high quality. Whether you are choosing your own fabric or buying an item from our website you can be sure that only the finest British and Italian fabrics have been used. The Vere Blue Checked shirt below is made from 100% Italian cotton, so you can ensure that this shirt feels incredibly soft against your skin. The white detailing inside the collar and around the side seams and cuffs give added detail that looks sharp and fresh alongside the subtle check pattern and contrasting blue button at the collar.  

Athletic fit Vere Blue Checked Shirt

Our made to measure service complies with this entirely, as we always want to ensure that athletes can look their best at all times and for any occasion. It is not only suits that we can make for you, we can made any item in any colour, fabric and design that you wish for. 

Visit the About Us section of our website or give us a call for more details. 

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