The Perfect White Shirt

Posted: Aug 04 2014

The white shirt is one of those staple pieces that should have pride of place in every man's wardrobe. Contrary to many perspectives, the white shirt can come in all shapes, designs and styles meaning that you can have a different shirt for every occasion.

Let's begin with the classic white shirt. 

Athletic slim fit Bo White Shirt

Our Bo shirt is classically white with subtle hints of detail and a quality that moves it into a whole class of its own. This shirt is made from Italian cotton and has a classic medium hight collar and cuffs with satin piping inside both. The hand stitched buttons are traditionally white and keep the shirt looking fresh and clean. 

If you fancy a white shirt with a difference then choose our Sidney White Shirt. This shirt, as you can see below has a very subtle light blue pinstripe, adding a modern twist on the classic white shirt. The cuffs also have contrasting light blue buttons which compliment this stripe well. 

Athletic fit Sidney White Shirt

Wear this shirt for jeans or shorts for a casual day time stroll around the shops and dress it up with smart trousers and a blazer for evening meals. 

If your style is more playful, or perhaps you have jumped on the patterned shirt bandwagon this summer, then go for the Beaumont Shirt

This athletic fit shirt is made from 100% Italian cotton and features a navy woven dog print in the fabric. The contrasting rounded collar and cuffs frame this shirt perfectly, and although patterned, this shirt can effortlessly replace a plain white option. Wear this shirt with our Debden Grey trousers for a fresh and smart look, or with the Locranan Blue shorts to keep cool during the summer days. 

Alternatively, if you'd prefer a more subtle twist on the white shirt then try the Tilney White shirt. 

Athletic fit Tilney White Shirt

The contrasting grey collar and cuffs add detail and intrigue to this athletic fit shirt whilst maintaining the classic white shirt design in the torso. Made from Italian fabrics, this shirt is sure to feel great against your skin and will look incredible when matched with grey Debden trousers and the Stepney blazer

Whatever your style, make sure you are always ready for any occasion by topping up your staple pieces.  

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