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Posted: Aug 05 2014

We know that as athletes you like to look after your bodies from the inside out, and we are big believers that clothing is an expression of yourself from the inside out too. This is why we are so dedicated to ensuring that athletes look their best at all times. 

All of our clothes are designed for the athletic build and so you will know that our clothing will fit your body shape perfectly. Our James Anderson Collection was designed collaboratively with our designer and James himself, meaning that this collection has a specific emphasis on accentuating the V shaped torso of athletic men. Never settle for ill-fitting clothes.   

Mitchell White polo shirt from the James Anderson Collection

We like to think that James took inspiration from his cricket whites for the Mitchell White polo shirt above. 

It is not just athletes that should take pride in their appearance. If you look your best then you will feel your best and that is why our made to measure service is so great. You can now wear clothes that are literally made for you, meaning that they sit perfectly on your body and the fit looks incredible.

We are passionate about making this process as easy and enjoyable for you as possible, which is why we are willing to travel to you, or make you feel as welcome as possible when you visit our office. You can choose your favourite fabrics, designs and details and we will create your items for you.

If you are at a loss for ideas then don't worry either, we will suggest designs that will suit your body shape. 

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