Masculine matters

Posted: Aug 15 2014

We for one are so pleased to see a big rise in blogs for men lately. It is difficult to keep up with latest trends and that is why we update our own blog so often with useful hints and tips about how to stay bang on trend with items that will stand the test of time.
Ring Brown Check Waistcoat with burgundy optional silk pocket square
An example of this can be seen with our Trend Alert blog articles. See how to wear waistcoats like the modern gent
Our blog is not only on the latest fashion trends however. As our clothing is designed specifically for the athletic, we also strive to make life a little easier for the athletes among you. We do this with quick healthy recipes that you can make between training session, as well as giving you useful tips for eating healthily during occasions when you are surrounded by food. 
Healthy salmon recipe for athletes
You can also keep up to date with famous athletes who love our menswear. We often post images of incredible athletes in our Dressed and Worn By blogs, check them out. 
Christian Wade wears Chess London hooded blazer
We tailor everything that we do for men, so there are no frills in sight, just honest tips on how to look and feel every inch the man that you are. We update them every single day, so feel free to explore our Chess London World and Style and Fitness blogs.

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