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Posted: Aug 21 2014

Your wardrobe is normally a very personal space, filled with your personalised style. What if we told you that each and every item could be personalised specifically to you however. 
You can choose any item of our clothing and have it made specifically to your exact measurements, meaning that the fit will be absolutely perfect. 

Tailor made bespoke clothing from Chess London

If this sounds right up your street then you can ring our Cheshire based office on 01477 571958. Simply let us know which items you are interested in and we can arrange a mutually convenient time to either come to you, or invite you to our office to be measured by our designer. This usually takes around 10 minutes. Once we have all of your measurements, we can process your order and begin creating your personalised items. 
If this wasn't personalised enough, you can also tweak the designs depending on your personal style. Take the Pendle White T-Shirt for example.

The Pendle White T-Shirt from the James Anderson Collection

This t-shirt from the James Anderson Collection has a wonderfully simple design with the splash of colour on the cherry polka dot pocket, and this may be just what you were looking for. However, if you wanted a different colour pocket for example, we can custom make this for you. 
If you have an idea then we can create it. Don't blend in, choose the best quality and dress to impress every day. 

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