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Posted: Aug 27 2014

Here at Chess London we know our athletes. We have several well known athletes as ambassadors and we take their inside knowledge of the sporting world very seriously. An example of this can be seen with the James Anderson Collection, which was a collaboration between our own designer and Jimmy himself.

 Sandy Lane white polo shirt from the James Anderson Collection

Each item is made to James' exact vision, meaning that these clothes are guaranteed to accentuate the athletic physique perfectly. What we mean by this is that our clothes are tailored to accentuate the V shaped torso of the wearer; the slim waist and broad shoulders and chest that comes with being an athlete. This can be seen above, as James wears the Sandy Lane white polo shirt

Every item is made with the finest British and Italian fabrics. Our cotton is specifically chosen to be breathable and lightweight, the perfect fabric to wear pre and post-training. Each item can easily be dressed up or down, and our menswear style blog posts highlight how to do this. 

Accentuate your hard-worked-for physique with our range of quality menswear for the athletic. Visit our website now to order your favourite pieces. 


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