The official Widnes Vikings club tie can be yours

Posted: Oct 02 2014

After their win against Wigan at their last home game of the season, the Widnes Vikings celebrated their victory in style. Lately you will have noticed the team swapping their rugby kit for their new Chess London made to measure suits, and very handsome they look too. 

The Widnes Vikings in their Chess London suits and club ties

(Above, left to right) Isa, Hanbury, Owens, Mellor and White in their bespoke suits and club ties.

Widnes Vikings' coach Denis Betts in his Chess London suit and club tie

It's not just the players themselves, head coach Denis Betts looks a cut above the rest. 

Now you can follow in the footsteps of the Vikings and purchase the official Widnes Vikings club tie for yourself. 

Don't miss out, buy yours now from or the official Widnes Vikings club shop. Call 01477 571958 for details.

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