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Posted: Sep 19 2014

It looks like we are heading into another sizzling weekend, so make sure you have your weekend wardrobe prepped and ready to go. 

Why not make the most of the weather and head to the coast to soak up the sun. Wear the athletic slim fit Locranan blue shorts and Mitchell White polo shirt from the James Anderson Collection for an ultra fresh appearance that also shows off your athletic frame, it may be the last time you can for six months! 

The Mitchell white polo shirt from the James Anderson Collection

The Mitchell White polo shirt is made from Italian cotton which is light and breathable, making it an ideal fabric for sunny days like this. The light blue collar and bone pocket contrast wonderfully with the white cotton, and if you are taking this shirt from a day time stroll on the beach to an evening meal, then simply reveal the silk pocket square for an instant formal twist. 

Locranan Blue short from the James Anderson Collection

The Locranan shorts from the James Anderson Collection are the perfect accompaniment to the Mitchell polo. Designed in an athletic slim fit, these shorts are made from the finest British cotton, making them breathable and lightweight. The contrasting light blue fabric at the side and back pockets will compliment the collar of the Mitchell polo as well; a perfect summer outfit. 

For our full range of shorts and polo shirts, visit our website.

Although the days are sweltering, the nights can still get cold. Make sure you are prepared with a lightweight jacket and chinos, you don't want to catch a cold before winter training sessions begin. 

Belvedere Bomber jacket from the James Anderson Collection

We love this jacket. The Belvedere bomber jacket from the James Anderson Collection is just ideal for this weather. The British wool is incredibly fine, making it light and luxuriously soft whilst the contrast fabric at the collar and cuffs give the classic bomber style. Wear with jeans or chinos at evening BBQs and with shorts during cooler days out. 

William Brown Jacket

A smarter alternative to this is the athletic fit William Brown jacket. With it's large collar and contrasting cuffs it is a statement jacket that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The William is also made from fine British wool, but in a slightly heavier fabric, making it a warmer option to the bomber jacket. Wear with chinos and tan boat shoes in the day time, and pair with suit trousers, a white shirt and tan monk shoes for evening meals. 

Lowry Cherry shirt from the James Anderson Collection

Knowing what to wear to dinner parties and get togethers is always difficult in this weather, it is too hot for a suit but you often can't rock up in shorts either. Why not give this look a whirl.

The athletic slim fit Lowry Cherry shirt from the James Anderson Collection is a smart choice for formal events and the short sleeves and fine cotton fabric will help to keep you cool as well. The striking cherry colour and polka dot design is reminiscent of summer whilst the navy Newlands chinos tip a hat to the on-coming seasons. You don't need a tie with this shirt, it is smart and eye-catching enough. The athletic fit highlights your athletic physique as well, so you can feel confident of your dapper appearance all night long. 

Take a closer look at the Newlands blue chinos.

Newlands blue chinos from the James Anderson Collection

These slim fit chinos from the James Anderson Collection are everything good chinos should be; casual when they need to be thanks to the contrasting fabric turn ups and the ankle, and formal when you're caught of guard, as the trousers can be turned down to hide the contrasting fabric. 

Made from 100% British cotton, these chinos are specifically designed for the athletic, meaning that there is extra room in the thigh area and fully tailored to fit you properly. Of course, if you struggle to find trousers to fit your athletic frame, then we can make any of our items made to measure. Having dressed several rugby players, including the entire first team for the Widnes Vikings, we realise that everyone puts muscle on in different areas, and our unique service accommodates this perfectly. 

To see our full range of summer clothing, visit our High Summer '14 collection here. 

Never hesitate in contacting us about our made to measure service either, give us a call on 01477 571958 or email info@chesslondon.com. We look forward to hearing from you. 



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