Sébastien Foucan, Free-running Legend

Posted: Feb 02 2013

Do you remember the opening scene in 007's Casino Royale where Daniel Craig's Bond attempts to catch an assailant through a construction site? Of course you do. Well, Free-runner Sebastian Foucan is your man.
If you have ever seen Free-running, Casino Royale, Dancing on Ice, the documentary Jump London or are a fan of Madonna, it's more than likely you will have seen the exploits of this incredible athlete.  

Being recognised as the founder of Freerunning and one of the founders of Parkour ensures he will forever be considered a legend within this sport. His skills and this rightly deserved notoriety within this field has kept him very busy over the last ten years. If you're unfamiliar with the art of Free-runnning, our article featuring 'Spyder' outlnes what Free-running is all about which allows us to discuss what else this great sportsman has accomplished. 
Foucan initially came to prominence in Mike Christie's Jump London shown on Channel 4 in 2003. Since showcasing his talents he was given the responsibility to make sure Daniel Craigs first introduction to playing Bond was an unforgettable one. Spending 3 months filming in the Bahamas was only the start of good things to come. In 2005 Foucan appeared in Madonna's 'Jump' video and accompanied her on her 2006 Confessions tour. Since then he has gone on to design his own shoes, appear in the 2012 Dancing on Ice and the smartest decision of them all.... to wear Chess London menswear.

Beyond the celebrity Foucan has become well known for his Free-running philosophy. Considered an ambassador of Parkour in many countries, insists Parkour and Free-runing are very different with Free-running about freedom, attitude, expression and showboating if the situation should arise. He sees feee-running as an evolution of Parkour "Free-running is the name people have given to my way!" says Foucan "Free-running is following your own way, and this is my way."
His attitude is reminiscent of great Bruce Lee who developed Jeet Kune Do to incorporate many styles of martial art. Foucan states that Free-running can incorporate anything from ballet to breakdancing; it's about being free, creative and imaginative. 
Although he insists the sport is for everyone he also insists proper training is required. Watching his YouTube videos you will see why; broken ankles at the ready for those unprepared! However, there is no doubt that his exploits are nothing short of inspirational.
And all that works certainly pays off when it comes to his physique. That's why wearing Chess London is ideal for him. High end, quality clothing designed for athletes.

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