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Posted: Oct 21 2012

“I certainly am impressed by the high standard of tailoring, stitching and attention to detail – which I always absolutely look for when buying my clothes.” - Jai’me Jan, 

“The jackets did look pretty damned good, as did the trousers. If I can find room I might well be in the market for a jacket and couple of shirts sometime soon. It's good to see a British brand starting up to compete with the international set.” - Guy Clapperton, Life Over 35 

“when I got up close, felt the products and seen the detailing did it strike me what a cool brand this is! Then I was sold.” - Adam Benedict, Man Snaps 

“it's about those wardrobe must-haves they already know and love and then making them at a better quality and with a better fit than a guy can find elsewhere.” - Jenny, The Style PA 

“SMART and stylish would be a good way to describe Keith Andrews’ brand of football with West Bromwich Albion. And now the same could be said for the Irishman’s wardrobe.” - Gregg Evans, Sunday Mercury 

“if we buy some, we’re living up to the reputation of the Chess London man who “doesn’t wear clothes that speak for him, but clothes that speak about him, his life, and his future.” - Galvin Klein, 

“The guys from Chess London were one of the nicest clients I’ve met, amazing team and thoroughly good time!” - Laimonas,

 “Much love and prosperity to you guys.” - Robson,

“With flashes of colour, subtle details and touches of individuality, Chess London’s launch collection looks set to become a firm menswear favourite.” - 

“The collection focuses on high quality and extreme attention to detail. Ideal for the 21st century male, the pieces on show gave a firm nod to those who want the best out of their clothing.” - Billy, The Modern Man blog

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