Shirt fit for athletic men

Posted: Jul 14 2013

All men who play sport competitively or work out regularly will naturally develop muscles and a strong toned core. The body develops a 'V' shape - wider at the top thanks to developing chest, shoulder and back muscles while the waist becomes toned and slim. 

Why slim and regular fit's just don't cut it

As the name suggests, a 'slim fit', is slim throughout. So while the slim waist may fit, the fit doesn't accommodate a developed upper body. The result is buttons pulling on the fabric at the chest.  

Regular fits can be equally bad. Although they have been designed to fit a larger upper body, the cut is designed for a larger stomach too which leads to a fit like a tent and folds of excess fabric around the waist.

The Athletic Slim Fit

The fit perfect for men who play sport or train regularly and is designed for men with an athletic 'V' shaped body in the following ways.   

Wider Chest

To allow for broader shoulders and developed chest and back muscles, the chest is cut slightly wider to avoid the fabric looking like it's stretched in a pure slim fit shirt.

Tapered waist

The body of the shirt tapers from shoulder to waist and show the 'V' shape torso. The slim cut at the waist avoids a excess baggy looking folds of fabric often found with a regular fit.

Comfortable armholes

The armholes are positioned to give a full range of motion without looking baggy or pulling the buttons at the chest. The sleeves are shaped to give a fitted look on the arms.

Shaped sleeves

The position of the armholes allows a tapered sleeve that follows the shape of the arms. The cuff should fall at the base of the thumb give or take a quarter inch for personal preference.


Designed to allow the shirt to look as good untucked as it does when tucked in, the shirt length has been tailored to sit about pocket height when untucked. Many brands will go much longer in an effort to give the impression it fits to as many men as possible. In reality, too much material has to be tucked in or when untucked, hangs badly around the buttocks or lower.

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