The Navy Blazer: A Menswear Essential

Posted: Mar 13 2015

Widely regarded as the most versatile garment in all of menswear and a staple for every man’s wardrobe, a fitted navy blazer resonates sophistication, elegance and effortlessness at every moment.

Nonchalantly bestriding the line of formality, it asserts verve and class on to your getup whether your coming is an evening wedding party, the forever-ambiguous ‘smart casual’ occasion or dress-down Friday. Whatever outfit you have planned, the navy blazer will be sure to apply the finishing touches.

What Navy Blazer to Buy

Usually, we'd recommend looking at a navy suit, but if you don't have the money to stretch to a full suit, go for a quality blazer rather than a cheap suit. The fabric should be dark enough to be able to be worn in the evening; to bars, clubs and semi-formal events.

Navy Blazers

The beauty of the navy blazer is that is smartens everything up. it works in all seasons; with light linen trousers and crisp white shirt in the summer, to dark jeans and, if necessary, scarf in the winter. For a wedding party, you can opt for beige or light grey trousers and then toy your blazer with knitwear and pattern your tie. The possibilities are endless with colour and navy combinations.

If you're not feeling daring, maintain a constant tone with your accompanying garments and keep your shirt plain. It will be nigh on impossible for your blazer not to assemble them within an aesthetically pleasing palette.

A knitted polo or lightweight jumper teamed with khaki chinos (rolled-up to suit circumstance) would turn heads at any off-formal event, allowing you to appear sartorially informed, when others seem relaxed.


Something that always shows a blazer has been properly thought about is the fine detailing through the blazer. Take the navy blazer pictured below as an example. The navy fabric has a subtle red check pattern which is reflected under collar for those of you that like to turn it up. Similarly, the in-built pocket square can be fashioned to match. 

It's small details like this that add up to show your blazer has been thought about in design, production and, more importantly, by you as the wearer. 

Navy Blazer with red check and detail

How the navy blazer should fit

Fit remains the most important aspect of clothing, no matter what. Soften the shoulders (little/no padding) and dart your blazer at your waist to appear more lean and athletic.

In the Summer, you want your jacket lightweight with lots of freedom for movement, especially for when the weather hits peak temperature. A double vented back will ensure this. Opt for a single or two button opening, depending on your size. Slimmer gents may even want to try double breasted at the more formal occasions. If you just want the one blazer, a slim, notched lapel will let you keep your options open.

Never more in the summer will you rely on your navy number, however if you hadn't guessed by now, it will effortlessly compliment darker hues and textures in the winter months too – making it the ultimate “utility player” in men’s attire. One last tip: always keep your brown Oxfords clean and polished, ready for duty.

Chess London Navy Quilted Blazer


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