Political Debate: Spring/Summer Colours

Posted: Apr 09 2018

Regardless of your political persuasion, we run through the best colours to wear and not to wear this spring/summer.


Both conservative in name and fashion, blue is the colour that lives all year round. Check out our navy blazer blog for further insight into how to work this menswear essential into your repertoire. It’s very much the same for blue garments in general this summer. Although we would shy away from pastel tones, you can’t go too wrong with deep, navy and when the sun comes out, something more royal. Whatever your persuasion, fashion-wise, blue is your friend.


You don’t have to be a follower of Ed Miliband to see the benefits of sporting red. Wearing red with the right accents will look anything but laboured. Red is royal and bold. It speaks for itself. Bright shades should be the focal point of your get-up, whereas maroon is the perfect accent with a navy blue. Team it with a darker tone such as black or navy or a lighter, more natural tone such as beige or even white to get a look which make heads turn. Red is the colour of passion and emotion – it’s also a key colour trend this season.


Green both literally and sartorially lies in between blue and green. We see shades all year round but it also possesses an air of braveness. This has to be embraced. Olive green, given its military origins, has featured heavily in menswear over the last decade especially and we see no reason for it to end. Watch out for a leather bomber in this shade we can’t wait for you to get your hands on.


Oh, yellow. It’s always been one of those in-between colours. Should I or shouldn’t I? There are always other options it seems. It’s too daring. 2012 saw yellow come into its own as a key colour trend. However, in 2015, it definitely won't be in the foreground of our wardrobe. 


Last but not least, purple. It’s a tricky one to work into your look and it definitely works best as an accent colour for this reason. Greek and Roman history dictate royal and elite connotations of the colour, so it doesn’t seem such a bad thing to be associated with. However, given its position on the colour scale, yellows and blues are its most complimenting colours and orange and greens can provide favourable contrasts - but it's clearly very risky. When in doubt, team it with navy blue. 

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