Reconsider Slim-Fit

Posted: May 13 2015

Some men prefer to chase fashions. It’s a choice that may make you appear cool and on-trend amongst the youth – but what it won’t be is neither kind to your pocket, ever-lasting nor make you look your very best. In addition to that, fashion literally changes upon the season. 3 months and your look is outdated. Do we have time for that?

Smart, slim, athletic-fitted garments are forever. Not tight – slim-fitting. Don't be confused and make that mistake. Garments which mould to your shape, yet are still breathable. Not only are they timeless, but they have a silhouette-enhancing effect – broadening your shoulders and nipping you in at the waist. Oversized t-shirts and jackets maybe the fad of today but they have the aestheticism of a sack. You deserve better. 

And there is no better way to communicate your masculinity and style than through slim-fitting clothing. You don’t even have to open your mouth and they will know. A favourite look of ours is the black or grey Royce cardigan, teamed with the Pendle white T-shirt and blue chinos



If you are looking for something less casual, why not try the Bo, which has a fabric composition that makes it form to your body yet maintains it's quality finish. IT has the potential to go with any suit combination. However, we love it with the Moritz Grey Blazer

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