Arthur Keller

Posted: Jan 22 2014

Arthur Keller may just be the definition of an all rounded gent. Born Swiss (like Roger Federer) and French (like Thierry Henry) and now based in New York (like Robert Downey Jr), Arthur is both an international athlete, having represented the Swiss at sailing, and full time model with Red NY. He’s also worked with well-known photographers on some pretty big campaigns; not bad!

Arthur represented the Swiss for seven years competing in World Cups and other major races before uprooting to London to study and subsequently model.

He has a passion for photography which he uses, as a true gent would, to do good by donating 50% of all image right profits to various worldwide charities.

It’s safe to say Arthur is certainly at the top of many women’s list of men to take home to meet the parents.


Arthur looks effortlessly cool in the Chess London athletic fit Stetler Jacket.

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