Joss Ash

Posted: Jun 26 2014

It is always a wonderful feeling when we see our clothes fitting an athletic man perfectly, and here is an ideal example. 

Surfer and model Joss Ash was born in North Tamerton in Cornwall, a stone's throw from the sea. It is no wonder he began surfing at a young age and fell in love with the sport. Through entering numerous surfing competitions Joss' surfing skills improved each day, and he went on to become the English National Champion in 2006.

Joss has a striking athletic build. With toned arms, legs and abs with wide shoulders from years riding the ocean waves, Joss most definitely fits the V shaped criteria of athletes. Our clothes are made to accentuate this V shape and fit properly around broad shoulders and toned waists, take a look.

Joss Ash wears Chess London High Summer Collection

Here Joss wears the Dean Light Blue polo shirt made from 100% Italian cotton that is both soft and breathable. The buttons beneath the collar hold it firmly in place, even after a dip in the sea this collar remained crisp and fresh.

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