Widnes Vikings wear Chess London bespoke suits

Posted: Aug 11 2014

In a collaboration with the Widnes Vikings rugby club, Chess London have made bespoke suits for the First Team who played in the semi-final yesterday. Having met with the team several weeks ago, each member of the First Team were measured up by Chess London designer Ali Riaz. During their first fitting, we had the opportunity to properly meet the team, chat to them and learn a little more about the intense, challenging and often dangerous game that is rugby.

Widnes Vikings half back Rhys Hanbury 

 Half Back Rhys Hanbury in the Widnes Vikings on-site gym

Widnes Viking Utility forward Phil Joseph

Utility Forward Phil Joseph in his bespoke suit

Widnes Viking Joe Mellor

 Joe Mellor displays the perfect cut of his suit

 Widnes Vikings Willie Isa, Rhys Hanbury, Jack Owens, Joe Mellor and LLoyd White

From left Willie Isa, Rhys Hanbury, Jack Owens, Joe Mellor and Lloyd White on their home turf

Having seen their win against Wigan last Friday, these guys certainly look like winners to us. This team are a cut above the rest and we wish them the best of luck for their future games. 


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