Spring Suiting: The Only Suit You'll Need This Season

Posted: May 08 2015

Every wardrobe needs a suit that can handle any condition the season throws at it. For this reason, it is a very wise decision to decide on a wool suit.

Because of its purity, the 100% British wool we use is of optimum high quality. It is durable and lightweight. However, it comes into its own when spring hits. Wool has natural temperature regulating properties. This means it will keep you comfortably cool when the sun strikes and alternatively, well-insulated on those days of a brisk breeze. It's a no brainer. 

Grey, navy and charcoal are always your safest options when it comes to suits. They are colours that go with just about everything. They’re facilitators. However, they won’t always make heads turn. Given the fact that different shades of blue (to navy) are popular this season, a welcome alternative would be a textured material of a similar tone. It’s enough to be original but still maintains its class in tradition.

Enter the Danny Blazer with accompanying Duffy trousers and Dyer waistcoat. Come rain or shine, these are a must this season. 

The ensemble donned by MK Dons' midfielder and Player of the Year Carl Baker
For something slightly different, check out the Wasdale Blazer



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