Mark Hunter, Olympic Champion, GB Rowing

Posted: Sep 17 2012

Where do you start? Mark Hunter Olympic Champion? Double World Champion? MBE? Well, to us, he's Mark Hunter, Chess London brand ambassador and all round top man. 

He began aged 14 at Poplar Blackwall & District Rowing Club having played county football, swimming and tried various martial arts before deciding to direct all his time and effort into rowing.

 Mark Hunter at the BBC's Sports Personality of the Year

In many respects, Mark is unusual in the fact that he didn't come through the Oxbridge route to Olympic champion. Instead he began at his local club in London; no silver spoon.

That's not to take anything away from any rower - anybody who competes will be able to recount endless stories of training through blisters and cracked, bleeding, skin on freezing cold winters mornings, putting in endless hours on the ergo's and dedicating themselves to possibly one of the hardest sports there is.

Mark Hunter wears Chess London

Mark has been an ambassador since hearing about the brand in 2011 and we were delighted when he asked us to commission a suite for the BBC's Sports Personality of the Year awards in December of that year. As with Luol Deng, we created a suit from scratch in just over a week - From coffee shop table to dressing our ambassador live on TV; no room for delayed flights as we flew it in to Manchester on the day of the event. 

Was it worth it? We'll let you be the judge...

Mark Hunter, by Alex beer for Homme Style, July 2012

Following on from SPOTY, Mark went on to star in our first full magazine article, Homme Style's Olympic edition which was distributed in the US, Canada and in Selfridges in the UK. 

Mark Hunter, by Alex beer for Homme Style, July 2012, wearing the Hunter Blazer.

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