Alex Gregory, Olympic Champion wears Chess London

Posted: Dec 02 2012

Alex Gregory wears Chess LondonPart of Britain’s golden summer and one quarter of the men’s coxless four Olympic championship winning team, Alex Gregory’s star is on the rise and here at Chess London we are proud to dress another Olympic athlete.

Ask any man on the street to name a rower and it’s Sir Steve Redgrave who’s named nine times out of 10; the other time it’s probably Steve’s multiple Gold winning partner in crime, Sir Matthew Pincent.

Ever heard of Alex Gregory? Most simply shrug their shoulders, unaware that Alex isn't new to winning.

The 2009 World Cup Series saw Alex establish his place in the four and took home two golds and a bronze to take the overall 2009 title. Gold again in the 2011 World Rowing Championships in Lucerne followed wins in Slovenia and Munich.

So, Olympic Gold could be considered nothing more than was expected. Not so. In 2012, with a newly formed crew, the GB four were still underdogs with stiff competition from the Australians. Despite again winning gold in Belgrade and Lucerne, the GB four were beaten by the Australians in Munich.

Nevertheless, with the Olympic Games being on home soil Alex and his crew-mates Pete Reed, Tom James and Andres Triggs-Hodge showed they’d put in the hours to right their defeat in Munich and led from the start to win the Gold – unlucky Australia!

Of course, we all know the best thing about winning Gold is being able to stand next to your very own Gold letterbox – Just ask Mo Farah, he has two!

Shots below by Alex Beer for Bello Magazine, 2012


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  Olympic athlete Alex Gregory wears Chess London

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