Spyder, Freerunner, wears Chess London

Posted: Dec 31 2012

Ashley Holland, aka Spyder, has come a long way. He’s able to demonstrate strength most people can’t even dream of – just look at the pictures! But as a child, he spent most of time wheelchair bound, only really taking up Free-running at the relatively late age of 13.

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The sport originates from a military background where aspects of gymnastics and martial arts are combined to allow an athlete to move quickly and skilfully between obstacles without the use of any equipment.

Top class free runners should perhaps be considered amongst the Elite of all athletes. It’s common for a top-class free-runner to be highly skilled at many sports thanks to the requirement of be able to maintain precise control of your body in any particular situation which they are placed.

Free-running the sport, is less about speed and more about style. The risk is great and injuries can be horrific - it doesn't take a particularly vivid imagination to see how one slip 80ft above solid concrete is going to end. Ask any free-runner and they will be able to recount eye witness accounts of Free-running-gone-wrong, if not first-hand experience.

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Spyder lives for free running. He trains daily, keeping his passion through the creation of fun, challenging games. This not only allows him to to perfect his precise jumps, spins and somersaults but it also takes his mind off the demanding physical aspects of the sport.

He’s fully aware of the danger and knows serious injury may just be around the corner. Focus is key which is why you can often find Spyder training alone. 

Having appeared on ITV talent contest Britain's got Talent reaching the semi final in 2007 he hopes one day to perform the skills he has developed on the big screen. Perhaps he too will soon be replicating Sebastian’s Foucan's silver screen heroics.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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