Olympians James Honeybone and Marcus Mepstead wear Chess London

Posted: Jan 19 2013

Marcus Mepstead and James HoneyboneThe first two things that spring to my mind when thinking fencing (besides what's at the bottom of your garden!) might be Antonio Banderas in the film Mask of Zorro or possibly Dogtanian the swashbuckling cartoon dog from more years ago than I care to remember. One thing these two characters had in common is great style. James and Marcus are are both Olympic Fencers who are no different.

James Honeybone wears Chess London Bond Trousers 

James wears Bond Trousers - £165.00

James with his lip ring, plug ears and tattoos could be the modern day version of Zorro. Fencing may be considered an old fashioned elitist sport but his look gives it a more up to date urban feel. Teamed up with clothing from Chess London his edgy style is complemented with the classic formal cut from Chess.

Marcus Mepstead wears Chess London menswear

Marcus wears Gunnersbury Shirt - £145.00 Brondesbury Blazer £345.00

James Honeybone wears Chess London menswear

James wears Gunnersbury Shirt - £145.00 Blazer available next season

James' individual event is sabre fencing where athletes can score with the edge of the blade. For this reason the movements in this sport are very attacking and fast. He made the GB Olympic fencing team at London 2012 and his style is equally as important to him as excelling at his sport.

Marcus and James wear Chess London menswear

Moritz Blazer - £345.00

Marcus Mepstead specialty is the men's Foil. The foil is used as a thrusting weapon only. Any contact with the side of the blade does not result in a score. In foil the valid target area includes the torso and the groin. The head, arms, and legs are considered off target. Touches made off target do not count for points, but do stop play.

Just to complete the fencing lesson, the final specialty is called épée. This is similar to the foil but the entire body is a valid target area.

Now we can't guarantee you'll end up with Catherine Zeta Jones but you can see how well these two Olympians wear Chess London.

Marcus and James wear Chess London menswear

Malden Jumper - £295.00


James wears Bond Trousers - £165.00

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