David Weir CBE

Posted: Apr 14 2013

David Weir CBE is a six time gold medalists and six time London marathon winner. He is quite simply one of the best athletes of this era. Described as 'the best wheelchair athlete ever' by Canadian Champion Chantal Ptitclerc and 'The most talented racer I have ever seen' by UK Athletics Paralympics head coach Peter Eriksson, it is obvious he is something special. Being awarded an MBE in 2009 and with a CBE following in 2013 this just topped off a phenomenal decade of sporting achievements. 

Born with a spinal cord transection Weir has been unable to use his legs from birth and although always keen on sport, this handicap and a lack of activities available when younger, meant it took a while to find the right event for him.

David Weir wearing slim fit blazer

However, once he started to concentrate his efforts on wheelchair racing he's never looked back. With a career starting with a 5th place at the London Marathon in 2000 (not counting his seven wins as a junior in the mini wheelchair race) the next 12 years allowed him to build a race record to make any athlete, disabled or able bodied, jealous. 

With six wins in the London Marathon starting in 2002 at the age of twenty one then in 2006, 2007,2008,2011 and 2012. In fact, he would have been seven time champion if  his four minute lead hadn't been lost through a badly timed puncture in 2010. On the Olympic stage, two silvers and two bronze medals won in Athens and Beijing were only the stepping stone to the six golds gained in London. He also currently holds the British record at all track distances up to 5,000 m, as well as on the road at 10 km, half marathon, and marathon. 

His lists of accomplishments and achievements are staggering for any athlete. The only real disappointment came when In 2006 when he was omitted from the eventual short-list for BBC sports personality of the year. However, when the fastest man ever to have lived, Usian Bolt, describes you as 'simply Inspiring' you know you've got to be doing something right.

David is pictures here wearing our a classic Chess London mens slim fit blazer. Picture taken in February 2013.

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